Yu tiao

Ingredient Quantity
Flour(C.F. Flour) 500g
Water 310g
Salt 7.5g
Sodium bicarbonate 5.0g
Ammonium bicarbonate 7.5g
Alum 5.0g



1/ Add salt, sodium bicarbonate and ammonium bicarbonate with 3/4 of the water.

2/ Add alum to the rest of the water.

3/ Transfer the flour into a bowl.

4/ Pour mixture in 1/ and 2/ into the bowl

5/ Hand mix for 2 minutes, rest 20 minutes, then hand mix for another 30 seconds. Rest again for 20 minutes and finally hand mix for 30 seconds.

6/ Flaten the dough, wrap the dough with a greased plastic bag and rest for 3 hours.

7/ Roll out with a roller pin into a rectangular shape with about 1 cm thickness.

8/ Cut the dough to 10*2cm.

9/ Using a wet chopstick, press the dough along the length of the dough. Put one piece of dough on top and press with the chopstick again to stick the dough together.

10/ Stretch the dough a little longer before frying in hot oil until golden brown.

11/ Suggest serving with black coffee or in porridge.



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